Career Data Science

Top 8 Skills You Need to be a Data Scientist

Udacity highlights the top 8 skills needed to be a data scientist. Back in 2016, Glassdoor declared that being a Data Scientist was the best job in America. Four years later, the world of big data has evolved rapidly, and the role of Data Scientist is still a top job. It’s currently ranked as the […]

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Azure Machine Learning

Udacity Announces a Machine Learning Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree Program

This looks interesting. Udacity announces the Machine Learning Engineer for Microsoft Azure Nanodegree Program, built in collaboration with Microsoft, offers you the chance to build the practitioner-level skills that companies across industries need. In the program, you’ll strengthen your machine learning skills by training, validating, and evaluating models using Azure Machine Learning, and complete a […]

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Career Covid Pandemic

How to Create a Winning Job Search Strategy while Social Distancing

Due to the pandemic, there are a lot of people looking for new jobs. Fortunately, there are still places hiring. But how do you search for a new role in the time of social distancing? Udacity recently held a webinar to share some tips and ideas: The job market is changing rapidly due to company […]

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Overcoming Procrastination

At this time of year, it’s common to start setting goals for the new year. If you’re in the AI field, learning has to be one of those goals. Udacity explores how to end procrastination and how to find your ideal learning style. Do you fall victim to procrastination? Do you use scientifically proven methods […]

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AI Autonomous Vehicles

Tech Talk: Self-Driving Car & Autonomous Systems

Udacity has a great video for those looking to gain more insight into the Self-Driving Car & Autonomous Systems industry. In this discussion, we will be joined by our expert, Vienna Harvey, to chat about her career path, her thoughts on hot topics and the current state of the industry, and tips for you to […]

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AI Data Science

A Friendly Introduction to Bayes Theorem and Hidden Markov Models

Here’s a great introduction to Bayes Theorem and Hidden Markov Models, with simple examples. If you understand basic probability, then you can follow along.

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Big Data

Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce

Udacity has made a large portion of their Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce available for free on YouTube. 72 videos of complete big data bliss  

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