Azure SQL Server

How to Connect to Azure SQL Database from Azure Data Studio

Want to get started with Azure Data Studio but don’t know where to begin? In this video, Anna Hoffman shows you how to get connected to Azure SQL Database for the first time using Azure Data Studio.

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Azure Data Data Visualization

Introducing SandDance: Data Visualization in Azure Data Studio

SandDance provides data visualization in the context of the data you are operating in and gives you interactive data exploration where you can quickly find pattern, trends and anomalies from the data. It’s rich interactive 3D viewer gives the effects of different attributes on the data and its ease of use provides data engineers with […]

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7 Amazing Developer Tools

Here are 7 great developer tools that you may not know about, but should start using today. BundlePhobia CloudCraft Figma Fontflipper Visbug Insomnia Flare

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