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Virtual Reality

10 Quest 2 Life Hacks Oculus Don’t Tell You About…

In this video, learn you some of the best Quest 2 life hacks. From making a Quest 2 knuckles controller, extending battery life, getting better link cable performance, using developer mode, turning off guardian, improving tracking and much more.

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Developer Security

The Most Dangerous C Functions

If you’ve ever heard about a major security flaw in a program or operating system and wondered, “how could they let that happen?” then this video is for you. Retired Microsoft engineer Dave Plummer takes you on a tour of security features made for Windows XP SP2 and then details how to make some of […]

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Top 10 Video Camera Hacks in Zoom

Kevin Stratvert shows us 10 video camera hacks that you can use in Zoom Video Conferencing right now. Some of these hacks work without any additional tools, and a few work with third party tools, like Snap Camera, OBS, and PowerPoint.

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