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Azure Natural Language Processing

What’s New in Text Analytics

Learn about the recently launched Opinion Mining and Async offerings of Text Analytics. From the video description: In the first half, we will discuss how Opinion Mining (an extension of Sentiment Analysis) helps explore customers’ perception of aspects/opinions, such as specific attributes of products or services, in text. In the second half, we will learn […]

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Natural Language Processing

Text Analytics for Health

Text Analytics for health is a preview feature of Text Analytics which enables developers to process and extract insights from unstructured clinical and biomedical text. Through a single API call, using NLP techniques such as named entity recognition, entity linking, relation extraction and entity negation, Text Analytics can extract critical and relevant medical information without […]

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What’s new with Neural Text to Speech

Learn about Microsoft’s latest progress on Text to Speech, and how you could use it to enable your apps to speak naturally.      More Information: CS Text To Speech Text To Speech Doc Speech Studio Create a Free account (Azure) Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning  Get Started with Machine Learning Don’t miss new episodes, subscribe to […]

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