Deep Learning

Convolutions in Deep Learning – Interactive Demo App

deeplizard explains the importance of convolutions in deep learning. In deep learning, convolution operations are the key components used in convolutional neural networks. A convolution operation maps an input to an output using a filter and a sliding window. Use the interactive demonstration below to gain a better understanding of this process. 

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AI TensorFlow

Data Augmentation with TensorFlow’s Keras API

deeplizard demonstrates how to use data augmentation on images using TensorFlow’s Keras API. VIDEO SECTIONS 00:00 Welcome to DEEPLIZARD – Go to for learning resources 00:17 Introduction to Data Augmentation 01:32 Image Augmentation with Keras 08:16 Collective Intelligence and the DEEPLIZARD HIVEMIND

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Computer Vision TensorFlow

TensorFlow.js Object Detection Made Easy

Sascha Dittmann explains how to make Object Detection in TensorFlow.js Contents: 00:00 | Intro 00:55 | Preview what I will build 01:35 | Create a Custom Vision project 03:01 | Upload & tag the images 05:41 | Train the model 06:30 | Evaluate / test the model 07:42 | Export & download the model 09:10 […]

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