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The ruthless forking of Terraform

This video is from Fireship. Terraform infrastructure-as-code tool recently switched to a BSL license. As a result, it was forked into a new project called OpenTF. Let’s look at open-source licensing and find out why this drama occurred.

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DevOps Red Hat

Ansible vs. Terraform: What’s the difference?

Ansible and Terraform are both great tools that you can turn to for creating Infrastructure as Code (IaC) which can be used to deploy repeatable environments for automating your infrastructure. However, what is the difference between the two? When should you pick one over the other? In this lightboard video, Sai Vennam with IBM Cloud, […]

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Lakehouse for Financial Services Blueprints Tutorial

Lakehouse for Financial Services Blueprints is a Terraform-based automation template to deploy the Lakehouse Architecture that incorporates patterns from 600+ FS customers. It is tailored for key security and compliance policies and provides FS-specific libraries as quickstarts for key use cases, including Regulatory Reporting and Post-Trade Analytics. Download the Terraform templates.

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Terraforming Mars in 3 Just Simple Steps

In this not-quite-serious video Sabine Hossenfelder explains what it would take to terraform Mars and make it habitable for humans. Time stamps: 0:00 Intro 0:58 Conditions on Mars 2:02 Step 1: Creating a Magnetic Field 4:50 Step 2: Creating an Atmosphere 6:06 Step 3: Converting CO2 to O2 8:46 Sponsor Message

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Azure Containers Machine Learning

Prebuilt Docker Images for Inference in Azure Machine Learning

Seth welcomes Shivani Santosh Sambare to talk about Prebuilt Docker Images for Inference in Azure Machine Learning Jump to: 00:17 Show begins 00:29 Welcome Shivani 00:38 What are the challenges working with ML environments? 01:11 Solutions to ML challenges/environments = Prebuilt Docker Images for Inference 02:12 How do I make this work with other specialized […]

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AWS Azure DevOps

Terraform in 100 Seconds

Fireship explains Terraform in 100 seconds. Terraform is an Infrastructure as Code (IAC) tool that can provision resources in the cloud. Learn how to setup terraform and connect it to cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or Docker to automate your infrastructure

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Azure Data DevOps

Infrastructure as Code and Azure – A Match Made in the Cloud (Part 2)

In the second part of this two-part series, Hamish Watson shows us how to use infrastructure as code to deploy an Azure Kubernetes systems cluster. To learn about the many ways to deploy an Azure SQL database, watch part one: https://youtu.be/T05C-ro1_W0?WT.mc_id=dataexposed-c9-niner Video Content: 0:00 Introduction 0:55 Demo: Deploying Azure Kubernetes systems cluster 7:50 Get started […]

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