AI Python TensorFlow

Machine Learning and Scientific Computing with Python

In this episode, Seth and Tania will talk about the Python community and the scientific Python ecosystem. So if you always wanted to know what is so great about Python for Machine learning and its community this episode is for you. More Information: Python and Tensorflow What is DVC Run Jupyter Notebooks Create a Free […]

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Linux Machine Learning Windows

GPU Accelerated Machine Learning with WSL 2

Adding GPU compute support to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) has been the #1 most requested feature since the first WSL release. Learn how Windows and WSL 2 now support GPU Accelerated Machine Learning (GPU compute) using NVIDIA CUDA, including TensorFlow and PyTorch, as well as all the Docker and NVIDIA Container Toolkit support available […]

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Python TensorFlow

TensorFlow 2.0 Full Tutorial

freeCodeCamp.org has a two hour, ad-free tutorial on how to use TensorFlow 2.0 in this full course for beginners. Course created by Tech with Tim. Check out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4JX40jDee_tINbkjycV4Sg Course Contents (0:00:00) What is a Neural Network? (0:26:34) How to load & look at data (0:39:38) How to create a model (0:56:48) How […]

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AI Machine Learning TensorFlow

Image Classification with Transfer Learning in ML.NET with a Tensorflow Model

Jon Wood has another great video teaching you how to how to use ML.NET to perform transfer leaning from the Inception model built in Tensorflow.

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AI TensorFlow

What Exactly is TFX?

TensorFlow Developer Advocate, Robert Crowe, we’re asking the question, “What exactly is this TFX thing?”

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Javascript TensorFlow

TensorFlow.js Bringing Machine Learning to the Web and Beyond

In this video, learn about the TensorFlow.js ecosystem: how to bring an existing ML model into your JS app and re-train the model using your data. We’ll also go over our efforts beyond the browser to bring ML to platforms such as React Native, Raspberry Pi, and Electron. For more information, check out the accompanying […]

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Deep Learning TensorFlow

Visualize Deep Learning Metrics with TensorBoard & PyTorch

In this video, deeplizard explores how to use TensorBoard to visualize metrics of our PyTorch CNN during training process.

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Introduction to GANs with Python and TensorFlow
Generative AI Python TensorFlow

Introduction to GANs with Python and TensorFlow

Generative models, commonly referred to as GANs, are a family of AI architectures whose aim is to create data samples from scratch. They work by capturing the data distributions of the type of things we want to generate. Here’s an interesting read on the topic. These kind of models are being heavily researched, and there […]

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Machine Learning TensorFlow

Machine Learning Zero to Hero

This talk from io19 is for people who know how to code, but who don’t necessarily know machine learning. Watch this video to learn the ‘new’ paradigm of machine learning, and how models are an alternative implementation for some logic scenarios, as opposed to writing if/then rules and other code.

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TensorFlow: A guide for IT Pros

Chances are that you already know what TensforFlow is and why it’s important. However, as AI spreads from the lab to data science departments and into production, tools like TensorFlow will start crossing paths with the rest of enterprise IT. TechRebublic has details on a free ebook on TensorFlow: a Guide for IT Pros. TensorFlow […]

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