AI Quantum Computing

AI Too Dangerous To Release, Tells Creepily Good Jokes.

Pindex explores how AI and Quantum computing will upgrade your car, phone, and body.

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A Shocking 3.27 Billion Passwords Are on Sale for Song

Another day, another hack. Seytonic covers the latest shocking breash and how to protect yourself.

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AI Security

PWNing WiFi With AI

It was only a matter of time before the world of AI, IoT, and cybersecurity would collide into a small portable device. Seytonic explores what Pwnagotchi can do.

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Covid Pandemic Security

Did Lockdowns Cause A Spike in DDoS Attacks?

Another unintended consequence of the pandemic lockdowns. 

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Hardware Open Source

RISC-V and the Future of Open-Source Computing at CES 2021

Engadget sat down with Calista Redmond from RISC-V International, Krste Asanović from SiFive, Ted Marena of Western Digital, and Art Swift from Esperanto Technologies to talk about RISC-V. This is an open-standard processor architecture that hopes to open up chip design to many companies from startups to major firms. RISC-V enables companies to design their […]

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