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How AI Could Save (Not Destroy) Education | Sal Khan | TED

This video is from TED. Sal Khan, the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, thinks artificial intelligence could spark the greatest positive transformation education has ever seen. He shares the opportunities he sees for students and educators to collaborate with AI tools — including the potential of a personal AI tutor for every student and […]

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Beyond the Atom: Remodelling Particle Physics

Here’s a great overview of subatomic physics for your Thursday science fix. Everything in the universe is made up of just a few different types of subatomic particles. Learn more about these particles and how physicists have built their knowledge of them – including the discovery of the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider […]

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What Makes People Engage With Math?

Grant Sanderson, the brains behind the highly successful 3 Brown 1 Blue YouTube channel, explains what makes people engage with math.

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