Philosophy Fridays

The Philsophy of Baruch Spinoza

Today is Friday and that means it’s time for a little philosophy. This week it’s Baruch Spinoza. Spinoza tried to replace the bible with a scientifically-based ethical system. He succeeded in theory – but not in practice.

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IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 130 – Add Value to The Game

Steve, Bill, Rob, David, and ANOTHER STEVE! jump on the metaverse to swap about IoT stuff. Amazing discussion on thought-provoking questions such as, is IoT a hyperscaler gig? Did they get it all wrong (yes, they did. Rob and Leonard said so and friggin’ predicted os back in 2017 at IoT Solutions World Congress)? The […]

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Quantum Computing

What are the Applications of Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing is the future. Here’s an interesting interview about the applications of quantum computing. Each month, I’ll be having a chat with some key people from the Quantum Computing World, to learn more about it, bit by bit..

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Deep Learning Quantum Computing

Bayesian Deep Learning on a Quantum Computer

Learn about bayesian deep learning and how to apply it to a quantum computer from Alex Pozas-Kerstjens

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