Data Science

Explore and analyze data with R

This video from Microsoft Learn covers common data exploration and analysis tasks in R and how to use R packages such as ggplot2, dplyr, and tidyr to turn raw data into understanding, insight, and knowledge.

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Top 10 Video Camera Hacks in Zoom

Kevin Stratvert shows us 10 video camera hacks that you can use in Zoom Video Conferencing right now. Some of these hacks work without any additional tools, and a few work with third party tools, like Snap Camera, OBS, and PowerPoint.

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AI TensorFlow

Student Develops AI-Based COVID19 Detector With 96% Accuracy

The deadliest contagious virus of our times, Novel Covid-19 Coronavirus, has taken the world by storm. Amidst this storm, heroes are rising all over the world. The whole world now knows that this villain cannot be fought alone. Perhaps our collective knowledge will be able to beat this microscopic foe. n this tense situation, a […]

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AI Machine Learning

Machine Learning App Examples

Siraj Raval shows off examples of machine learning apps from his students. If you’re wondering about my stance on the recent controversies around Siraj, I recorded a Data Point about that. Machine Learning powers almost every internet service we use these days, but it’s rare to find a full pipeline example of machine learning being […]

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