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Kafka Streams 101: Getting Started

To understand Kafka Streams, you have to begin with Apache Kafka®, a distributed, scalable, elastic, and fault-tolerant event streaming platform. The storage nodes in Kafka, brokers, are just instances of the Kafka storage layer process running on your laptop or server. At the heart of each broker is a log, an append-only file that holds […]

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uStream – Handling big amounts of data on MCUs

Have you ever tried to transfer 1M of data when your IoT device has only 2K of RAM? If so, then this IoT show is for you! ( Marcos Perez Mokarzel and Dane Walton, Software Developers on the Azure Device SDK team, appear in this episode to talk about the uStream library, written in the […]

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Create a Power BI Streaming Dataset for Real-Time Dashboards

Patrick LeBlanc looks at how to create a Power BI streaming dataset and use that to create a real-time dashboard. You can easily use something like PowerShell to push data into the Power BI streaming dataset. [Demo files]

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What is Apache Storm?

Here’s a great ten minute video from Hortonworks explaining the purpose of Apache Storm for Hadoop.

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