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AI Ethics

How AI is Making LAWs

LAWs, short for Lethal Autonomous Weapons may change the nature of warfare forever. With the development of AI systems, drones that can autonomously find and eliminate a targeted individual are only years away not decades. [..] At this point, the issue is not with hardware but with software, meaning how fast new AI algorithms can […]

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AI Ethics Interesting

These Self-Aware Robots Are Redefining Consciousness

Artificial sentience straddles the fields of philosophy and engineering. Throw robots into the mix and it gets really interesting. Seeker examines what it mean for a robot to be self-aware. The Creative Machines Lab at Columbia University“At the Creative Machines Lab we build robots that do what you’d least expect robots to do: Self […]

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Will AI make us immortal? Or will it wipe us out?

Pindex has a thought provoking video on what AI means for humanity. Will AI bring immortality or extinction? Narrated by Stephen Fry, exploring predictions by Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Ray Kurzweil and Nick Bostrom. Sure, there’s quite a bit of hyperbole and fear mongering, but it’s an interesting thought experiment.

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