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State of AI Report 2020

Daniel Bourke reviews the the State of AI 2020 report in the following video. For the last three years, the State of AI Report has been published as a snapshot of what’s happened in the field of artificial intelligence over the past 12 months. This is my review/walkthrough of the 2020 version. Read the full […]

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The state of AI in 2019: Breakthroughs in machine learning, natural language processing, games, and knowledge graphs
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The State of AI in 2019

Just imagine where AI was just 5 years ago. Sure, neural networks have been around for decades, but they were not practical for the average business problem. Think of all the breakthroughs in machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge graphs, and more just in 2019. Here’s an interesting report, aptly titled State of AI Report 2019 […]

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