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AI Career

Andrew Ng on Opportunities in AI – 2023

This discussion took place on July 26, 2023, at Cemex Auditorium, Stanford University, and was hosted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. This talk covers: Trends in AI Technologies and Tools Supervised Learning Generative AI The Adoption of AI Opportunities in AI Process for Building Startups AI Risks and Social Impact

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Natural Language Processing

Stanford Webinar – GPT-3 & Beyond

Stanford Online has posted this lecture on GPT3 & Beyond: Key concepts and open questions in a golden age for natural language understanding Listen in as Professor Christopher Potts discusses the significance and implications of recent Natural Language Understanding developments including GPT-3. He describes the fundamental building blocks of these systems and describes how we can […]

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Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Stanford Seminar on Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Guillermo Angeris, Head of Research at Bain Capital Cypto talks about DeFI.

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Blockchain Cryptocurrency Virtual Reality

Stanford Seminar – Introduction to Web3

Evan Miyazono, Head of Research at Protocol Labs delivers a lecture on Web 3.0

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