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Things are Getting Real(istic)! SDXL Turbo, Best Auto Agent is Open Source, Pikalabs 1.0

MattVidPro AI explores the latest in AI: Discover Stability AI’s ‘SDXL Turbo’ for real-time image generation, Pika Labs’ advanced AI video model, and Hyperight AI’s open-source computer framework. Learn about new AI tools, user accessibility, and upcoming innovations. Perfect for AI enthusiasts and tech professionals. Subscribe for more AI updates! ▼ Link(s) From the Video: SDXL […]

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Is Stability AI In Financial Trouble?

While there is a lot to celebrate in the AI and Gen AI space, the harsh reality of compute costs are sinking in. The AI Breakdown: Artificial Intelligence News highlights a Bloomberg reports that the company is burning $8m/month while only making $1.2m-$3m, and that investor pressure on the company is mounting. Is it an […]

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Who is the Man OpenAI Fears The Most

This is the man OpenAI fears the most. His name is Emad Mostaque and he is the CEO of David Ondrej explains.

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Is Generative AI Is About To Reset Everything?

Forbes explains that generative AI like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion are about to change not only how you work, but how the content you consume is produced. Forbes spoke with a number of leading voices in the AI space to determine both the benefits and the dangers of this next wave of technological innovation, and find […]

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A Lawyer Explains Stable Diffusion Lawsuit

See why the glory days of AI art may already be over in this video is from Corridor Crew. The recent class-action lawsuit brought against Stability Ai has major implications for how ai generated art will move forward, but the most interesting thing is that the case hasn’t even gotten to the real issue… yet.

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