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SQL Server 2022: Built-in Query Intelligence [Ep. 3] | Data Exposed

In this episode of Data Exposed with Anna Hoffman and Bob Ward, take advantage of performance and availability for faster queries and to help ensure business continuity. Accelerate query performance and tuning with no code changes required with new Intelligent Query Processing scenarios and Query Store enhancements.

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Azure SQL April 2022 New Updates

Get the latest April news and updates in the world of data with Anna Hoffman, Cheryl Adams, Claire Giordano, Marisa Brasile, and Abhiman Tiwari.

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Azure SQL & SQL Server 2022: Intelligent Database Futures

Azure SQL DB and SQL Server introduced ground-breaking query performance enhancements under the Intelligent Query Processing family in the past few years. These make up the latest on Microsoft’s mission to make critical parallel workloads improve when running at scale while remaining adaptive to the constantly changing world of data! Learn more in this episode […]

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