software developer

Privacy Windows

Does Windows have Back Doors?

Retired Microsoft engineer Davepl discusses “back doors” in Windows, the implications, and how the software developer protects against such attacks from rogues, hackers, and nation-states. Understand how back doors are like the Follina zero-day exploit in Office, giving complete control of the system to the attacker.

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Developer Python

Django in Two Minutes

Learn the basics of Django in about two minutes.

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API Project! Word Association Game

In this video Ania shows us how to make a Word Association Game using an API. This project is great for those looking for fun projects to make with unique APIs. Time stamps: 00:00 Introduction 01:07 Exploring the API 03:19 Setting up our React App 07:32 Getting data into our App 12:55 Selecting Levels 27:29 […]

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Quantum Computing

Minecraft, but on a Quantum Computer

Jabrils talks about creating an explorable and interactive game world that’s truly random and unique. Quantum computers are right around the corner, so the question must be asked, what could a game like minecraft look like on a quantum computer? We teamed up with @Qiskit, who has public Quantum Computers to use to give this […]

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Data Developer

Study Strategies for Mastering Data Structures & Algorithms

The Come Up provides a simple 3 part study strategy to learn data structures and algorithms. Timestamps 0:00 – Intro 2:01 – Take Data Structures Class 3:10 – Note Taking Tips 5:38 – Sponsorship 6:28 – Flashcards (Spaced Repetition) 7:34 – Practice (using Leetcode)

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AI Neural Networks

Building a Better AI than Nintendo

The other day Jabrils was playing a Nintendo game & the AI was so abysmal that he stormed to his computer & make a better one than Nintendo.

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How to Build an Alexa Skill that Actually Works

Learn how to make an Alexa Skill in this programming tutorial. Understand the control flow of an Amazon Alexa application and discover how to create a voice user interface (VUI). Learn how to create a Lambda function with JavaScript, Node.js, and AWS.

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