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Radxa Zero: a Tiny Quad Core SBC!

The Radxa Zero (a quad core single borad computer!) is featured in this video. Imagine what can be built with something like this. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:48 Specifications 06:36 Guess the OS 08:28 TwisterOS Armbian 13:41 Software Support 17:07 Wrap

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DFI GHF51 Review (Smallest RYZEN SBC)

Novaspirit Tech checks out the world first 1.8″ ryzen powered SBC. It even slightly smaller then the raspberry pi packing a ryzen r1606G @ 2.4 ghz and Vega 3 GPU. did i mention it’s also fanless!!! in this video we be doing a unboxing and benchmark comparing to other SBC boards.

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