Siraj Raval

AI Generative AI Large Language Models

Meet DoctorGPT: Offline AI that Aced Med Tests!

This video is from Siraj Raval. After applying fine-tuning, reinforcement learning, & compilation techniques to Meta’s Llama2 model, I got some amazing results. DoctorGPT is a Large Language Model that can pass the US Medical Licensing Exam. This is an open-source project with a mission to provide everyone their own private doctor. DoctorGPT is a […]

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AI Generative AI Natural Language Processing Python

ChatGPT in 5 Minutes

Siraj Raval is back making AI videos and this time, he builds a simple version of ChatGPT in under 40 lines of Python code to better understand it. Our version of ChatGPT will be called ElonGPT, trained to act just like Elon Musk, so that I can ask him if he will give me a […]

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AI FinTech

How to Build a Trading Bot with ChatGPT

Siraj Raval shows us how to use ChatGPT to make a trading bot. I gave ChatGPT $2000 to invest with and in this video i’ll explain how we built the trading algorithm and what the returns looked like after 24 hours of live trading. First, a disclaimer – Do NOT invest any money in any […]

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AI Generative AI

How to Generate Your Own Anime Videos with AI

In this video from Siraj Raval learn how to use AI to create your own Anime style videos. Animusica is a demo web app that lets you generate your own anime videos! I built this as an “AI startup template” for you using React for web development, Firebase for backend services, Vercel & HuggingFace for […]

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Data Developer

Building a Health DAO with GitHub CoPilot

It’s been a while since I featured a Siraj Raval video. I still like his teaching style and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are an important emerging topic. In this episode, we’ll build a simple DAO that let’s users submit their health data to a marketplace and let’s health organizations buy that data, with the proceeds […]

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Machine Learning Quantum Computing

Building a Quantum Classifier Live

Siraj Raval explains Quantum Machine Learning in the fun and approachable way he’s know for. Quantum Machine Learning may sounds daunting to most people, but it’s way more fun to learn about than Classical Machine Learning. Creative algorithms that leverage concepts like quantum entanglement and superposition are already being studied by various teams to enable […]

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AI Computer Vision

Explainable Computer Vision with Grad-CAM

Siraj Raval explores why does a computer algorithm classify an image the way that it does? This is a question that is critical when it comes to AI applied to diagnostics, driving, or any other form of critical decision making. In this video, he raises awareness around one technique in particular that I found called […]

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Machine Learning

Reliable Machine Learning Systems

Siraj Raval has a video exploring a paper about genomics and creating reliable machine learning systems. Deep learning classifiers make the ladies (and gentlemen) swoon, but they often classify novel data that’s not in the training set incorrectly with high confidence. This has serious real world consequences! In Medicine, this could mean misdiagnosing a patient. […]

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AI in 2020

Siraj Raval gets back to inspiring people to get into AI and pokes fun at himself. Almost exactly 4 years ago I decided to dedicate my life to helping educate the world on Artificial Intelligence. There were hardly any resources designed for absolute beginners and the field was dominated by PhDs. In 2020, thanks to […]

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AI Machine Learning

Machine Learning App Examples

Siraj Raval shows off examples of machine learning apps from his students. If you’re wondering about my stance on the recent controversies around Siraj, I recorded a Data Point about that. Machine Learning powers almost every internet service we use these days, but it’s rare to find a full pipeline example of machine learning being […]

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