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Data Analyst Roadmap 2023: Your Guide to Becoming a Data Analyst

This Data Analytics course in collaboration with IBM makes you a Data Analytics expert. Our Data Analyst course helps you learn analytics tools and techniques, how to work with SQL databases, R and Python, how to create data visualizations, and apply statistics and predictive analytics in a business environment. This Data Analytics certification also features […]

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Learn How to Create a Virtual Environment in Python

In this Virtual Environment in Python tutorial from Simplilearn., explore the venv library and learn how to create a virtual environment for your project. Virtual environments are isolated environments that allow developers to work on multiple projects with different dependencies without conflicts. In this how to create a virtual environment video, we will learn to […]

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SQL Tutorial For Beginners

This SQL full course on MySQL from Simplilearn covers everything to master structure query language using MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL server. You will get an idea about built-in SQL functions, joins, subqueries stored procedures, and see the top SQL interview questions frequently asked in the interviews.

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Machine Learning Python

Machine Learning With Python Full Course for Beginners

In this video from Simplilearn learn the basics of machine learning, essential applications of machine learning, and machine learning concepts, and why mathematics, statistics, and linear algebra are crucial. We’ll also learn about regularization, dimensionality reduction, and PCA.

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Career Security

Cyber Security Full Course 2022 by Simplilearn

This Cyber Security full course helps you learn cybersecurity in 12 Hours. In this cybersecurity tutorial for beginners, you will learn the importance of cybersecurity, cybersecurity skills, what cybersecurity means, and the types of cyberattacks with a hands-on demo. This video also covers cryptography, ethical hacking, and the top cybersecurity certifications.

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AWS Full Course by Simplilearn

This AWS tutorial video is suitable for those individuals who aspire to become AWS Certified Solution Architects. However, let’s move ahead and understand what AWS actually is and what services AWS provides to an organization. This AWS tutorial for beginners will help you understand what AWS is (Amazon Web Services), how did AWS become so […]

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