Google Hardware

Google’s Open Source Hardware Dreams

An overview of the Build Custom Silicon with Google program.

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Linus has the time of his life

Linus heads back to the Israel Design Center Intel Fab and this time it’s a facility tour of the Validation Lab.

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Hardware Science

EUV: Lasers, plasma, and the Tech that Will Make Chips Faster

While the quantum computing age may be “just around the corner,” traditional computing is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, innovation there is increasing to keep up the promise of Moore’s Law. Engadget takes a look at the process behind making microchips faster. Microchips are one of the most complicated objects humanity has created, […]

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Quantum Computing Science

How To Make a Quantum Bit

Veritasium  explains how to make a quantum bit, or qubit. How do you put it in a state where it is stable? How do you read and write information on it?

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Future Hardware

Why Your Next Computer Chip Could Be Made of Gallium Oxide

Currently, computer chips are made from silicon, hence the term ‘Silicon Valley.’ However, a new material may be in the works as researchers are looking towards gallium oxide to overcome existing engineering limits and produce faster computer chips than ever before.

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