Leveraging Kubernetes ​and Azure Arc to train ML Models ​across hybrid cloud. In this episode Seth talks with Saurya Das about this new Azure Machine Learning integration with Azure Arc – to enable Data Scientists to use existing kubernetes infrastructure on-premises or in multicloud to run machine learning.
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Documents contain invaluable information powering core business processes. Extracting information from these documents with minimum manual intervention helps bolster organizational efficiency and productivity. As more and more processes and workflows get automated, the need for new features to help extract text and structures increases.
The new capabilities in Form Recognizer which were announced at Ignite support pre-built IDs, invoices and 73 new languages.

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Walkthrough of newly released PyTorch Learn the basics tutorial with PyTorch Developer Advocate Suraj Subramanian.

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  1. Learn the basics – https://aka.ms/PyTorch/LearntheBasics
  2. PyTorch.org – https://pytorch.org/
  3. PyTorch on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/pytorch

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In this live episode of the AI Show Seth will interview Edward Un about a recently GA’d feature called Custom Neural Voice. He will also continue work on his rock-paper-scissors project.

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Join Seth Juarez as he makes an intelligent online rock-paper-scissors game and a discussion about What’s new with Translator.

Using machine learning game players should be able to interact with the game just as they would when playing with others: by making the appropriate hand gestures. We will also have a LIVE recording of the AI Show!

The show will open with a discussion about What’s new with Translator: Document translation with Guest, Krishna Doss.

Learn about the recently launched Opinion Mining and Async offerings of Text Analytics.

From the video description:

In the first half, we will discuss how Opinion Mining (an extension of Sentiment Analysis) helps explore customers’ perception of aspects/opinions, such as specific attributes of products or services, in text. In the second half, we will learn about the new Async capabilities of Text Analytics, which will allow bundling various skills of Text Analytics and also allows large amount of text of up to 125K characters to be sent to Text Analytics via /analyze endpoint.