Containers Developer Python

How to deploy serverless containers for free

This video is from Beyond Fireship. Build a Python Flask app for removing the background from images, containerize it with Docker, then deploy it with serverless cloud tools. [Source Code]

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AWS Lambda Function Scaling Improvements

This video is from AWS Events. AWS Lambda is improving how functions scale. With scaling rate improvements, each synchronously invoked Lambda function can now independently scale up to 12x faster (1,000 concurrent executions every 10 seconds) in response to sudden, large, and unpredictable increases in traffic until the account’s concurrency limit is reached – all […]

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AI AWS Generative AI

How to Build Applications with Bedrock and Lambda

This video is from FooBar Serverless. Bedrock is a serverless generative AI service that lets you use foundational models for generative AI. In this video, you will learn how to connect Bedrock to your Lambda functions and use it to build applications. Get the code:

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AWS Lambda explained in 90 seconds | Amazon Web Services

AWS Lambda processes tens of trillions requests every month. Learn how AWS Lambda accelerates your journey from an idea to a modern, production application, and why over one million customers use AWS Lambda each month. Learn more at:

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Red Hat

In the Clouds (E27) ft. Matt Butcher

In this episode of In the Clouds, join your host Stu Miniman as he sits down with Fermyon CEO Matt Butcher, amidst their release of their new NoOps Database for developers building Serverless Applications; with WebAssembly. The Cloud Tech revolutionary is also open source and partners with Red Hat often in the field. Matt Butcher, […]

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Azure Developer

Patterns for Azure Functions

Join in and listen to Mark Graham, a Cloud Solution Architect in the UK, to discuss all things Azure Functions

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AWS Data Warehouse

How to Build a Data Warehouse with Zero Infrastructure Management- AWS Analytics in 15

Amazon Redshift Serverless enables you to get started in seconds and run analytics workloads at scale without worrying about infrastructure management. Join this session to learn how to launch a serverless data warehouse and start running high performant analytics workloads. Learning Objectives: * Objective 1: See how to launch Amazon Redshift Serverless in just a […]

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Data Google

Introducing AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

Here’s an interesting video on AlloyDB. Do you run relational database workloads? Are you looking to modernize a proprietary, legacy database? Introducing AlloyDB, the next-gen PostgreSQL compatible database that provides a powerful new modernization option! AlloyDB for PostgreSQL combines the best of the Google Cloud with PostgreSQL to meet the needs of top-tier relational database […]

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Big Data Data

What is a serverless database? (in under 3 minutes)

Serverless architecture has revolutionized application development, but the database has been lagging behind. So what is a serverless database – what does it look like when we apply the principles of serverless development to the database? Time stamps: 0:00 What is a serverless database? 0:40 Elements of a serverless database 0:43 Automated elastic scale 1:16 […]

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Serverless Apps with Blazor WebAssembly and Azure Static Web Apps

Here’s an interesting talk about building a Blazor WebAssembly app, backed by several Azure Functions, a class library for sharing code, and an explosive combination of Github Actions deploying to an Azure Static Web App.

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