AWS Data Warehouse

How to Build a Data Warehouse with Zero Infrastructure Management- AWS Analytics in 15

Amazon Redshift Serverless enables you to get started in seconds and run analytics workloads at scale without worrying about infrastructure management. Join this session to learn how to launch a serverless data warehouse and start running high performant analytics workloads. Learning Objectives: * Objective 1: See how to launch Amazon Redshift Serverless in just a […]

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Data Google

Introducing AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

Here’s an interesting video on AlloyDB. Do you run relational database workloads? Are you looking to modernize a proprietary, legacy database? Introducing AlloyDB, the next-gen PostgreSQL compatible database that provides a powerful new modernization option! AlloyDB for PostgreSQL combines the best of the Google Cloud with PostgreSQL to meet the needs of top-tier relational database […]

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Big Data Data

What is a serverless database? (in under 3 minutes)

Serverless architecture has revolutionized application development, but the database has been lagging behind. So what is a serverless database – what does it look like when we apply the principles of serverless development to the database? Time stamps: 0:00 What is a serverless database? 0:40 Elements of a serverless database 0:43 Automated elastic scale 1:16 […]

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Serverless Apps with Blazor WebAssembly and Azure Static Web Apps

Here’s an interesting talk about building a Blazor WebAssembly app, backed by several Azure Functions, a class library for sharing code, and an explosive combination of Github Actions deploying to an Azure Static Web App.

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Azure CosmosDB

Azure Serverless Conference

The APAC stream for Azure Serverless Conference

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Azure Developer

Serverless for Beginners

In this first episode of season 2, get started with Serverless on Azure.

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Azure Developer

How to Integrate Authentication in Azure Static Web Apps

Learn how to manage and verify your users’ unique identity with authentication, to provide them a secure personal space in your Azure Static Web Apps.

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Azure SQL Azure Synapse

Introduction to Serverless SQL: Hands-on Workshop

Gain hands-on experience with running interactive queries using Azure Synapse SQL Serverless in this workshop.

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What’s the difference between Containers vs VMs?

In this lightboard video, Nigel Brown with IBM Cloud, answers this question and more. He also breaks down why users should not just look at virtual machines and containers as competing technologies because there can be a lot of benefits of having them work together for particular use cases.

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Azure SQL

Leveling Up Your Azure SQL Database Deployments

The Basic, Standard, and Premium service tiers fulfill a lot of customers’ needs. For some customers, though, the General Purpose, Business Critical, and Hyperscale service tiers offer additional performance and ability that is required for certain workloads. Even if you don’t require those abilities, the technology and infrastructure behind these are worth learning. In this […]

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