Semantic Search


The Art of Semantic Search in Django: A Journey with Postgres and pgvector

Here’s a video of a conference talk about semantic search with Django, PostgreSQL, and pgvector presented by Paolo Melchiorre at POSETTE: An Event for Postgres 2024. Artificial intelligence is now a required functionality in many fields, and we often find ourselves needing to add to existing projects. The first problem to face is that of […]

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AI Large Language Models

How to Compare Multiple Large PDF Files Using AI (w/ Jerry Liu, Co-Founder of LlamaIndex)

In this video from Chat with data, you’ll learn how to ask complex questions and compare valuable information across multiple large pdf documents using LlamaIndex. LlamaIndex is a data framework for LLM applications to ingest, structure, and access private or domain-specific data. Jerry Liu, Co-Founder of LlamaIndex, covers the use case of two financial 10-k […]

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AI Data

What is Vector Database? A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Using it

AI startups such as Pinecone, Milvus, and Chromadb have raised millions of $ in the hot AI boom era. They all have a common product called vector database. This is a simple explanation of what exactly is vector database and how they are different from traditional databases. Vector database article:

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