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Elon Musk’s Two Rules For Learning Anything Faster

Elon Musk’s rise to fame and fortune is an epic tale of what’s possible when you devote yourself to continual learning. The Art of Improvement  examines his secrets to learning.

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Career Life Hacks

10 Speed Learning Techniques

Siraj Raval shares his secrets for learning new skills rapidly and how he has fun in the process. I’m going to show you a day in my life in this episode. These are the daily habits that I practice to optimize my ability to learn and thus serve you better. I consider my body an […]

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Tony Robbins on the Importance of Self-Education

Recently, this tweet popped up in my feed and it got me thinking Five years ago a well known person in the tech community & author of books you’ve probably read, spoke to a group of women just learning to code. She told us that none of us would succeed in tech without a CS […]

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