Design Interesting

100 Years of Fictional UI – Were They ALL Wrong?

Juxtopposed dives deeper into the history of Fictional UI (mostly on science fiction). Where did our modern interfaces come from? Were all the predictions wrong?

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Future Quantum Computing

What If We Had Working Quantum Computers Today?

What If ponders what the world would be like if we already had quantum computers. I’d hold off on their advice about throwing out your old computers though. Get rid of your old computers, because the future of technology has arrived! It’s not artificial intelligence or virtual reality; it’s something called quantum computing! And it […]

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Examining the Method Robot

CaptainDisillusion is a VFX expert who examines viral videos for evidence of special effects trickery. His videos are always entertaining, informative, and, if you’re interested in video effects, utterly fascinating. In this video, he breaks down a demonstration of the Method Robot, an exoskeleton clearly inspired by science fiction. The robot is real, but it may […]

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