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The Biggest Project in Modern Mathematics

In a 1967 letter to the number theorist André Weil, a 30-year-old mathematician named Robert Langlands outlined striking conjectures that predicted a correspondence between two objects from completely different fields of math. The Langlands program was born. In a new video explainer, Rutgers University mathematician Alex Kontorovich takes us on a journey through the continents […]

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Mathematics Science

The Man Who Revolutionized Computer Science With Math

Leslie Lamport revolutionized how computers talk to each other. The Turing Award-winning computer scientist pioneered the field of distributed systems, where multiple components on different networks coordinate to achieve a common objective. (Internet searches, cloud computing and artificial intelligence all involve orchestrating legions of powerful computing machines to work together.) In the early 1980s, Lamport […]

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Research Science

2021’s Biggest Breakthroughs in Math and Computer Science

2021 was a big year. Researchers found a way to idealize deep neural networks using kernel machines—an important step toward opening these black boxes. There were major developments toward an answer about the nature of infinity. And a mathematician finally managed to model quantum gravity. Read the articles in full at Quanta Magazine.

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computers, Explained With Quantum Physics

Quanta Magazine explains why quantum computers aren’t the next generation of supercomputers—they’re something else entirely.

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Quantum Computing Science

Quantum Biology – How Birds (Might) Navigate With Quantum Mechanics

Up and Atom explains how quantum mechanics impacts biology. While not directly related to quantum computing, it does talk about many of the same quantum phenomena. Quantum Biology Miniseries Parts 1 and 2

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