Interesting Networking

How Electrons Turn into the Internet

This video is from Pleni_2.0. Dive into a hilarious and enlightening exploration of how digital data rides invisible light waves, the history of electricity, and the pioneers who played with static and magic waves. From ball rubbing for static to the birth of Wi-Fi, this whirlwind tour promises to shock and entertain. Don’t miss out […]

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Why Laser Weapons are About to Change Everything

This video is from Task & Purpose. Laser weapons are about to change war forever and I want to show you how. The French government is investing approximately 5 billion dollars into acquiring the technology as part of their modernization efforts. The US military is investing 1 billion dollars a year into directed energy weapons […]

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Security Space

Is this Hacked Military Satellite on Sale for $15,000

Upper Echelon delves into a public listing claiming to sell access to a MAXAR Technologies Satellite. Posted to a significant Russian Hacker forum, the list comes from a user who has prior listings with samples provided, and pertains to an industry where the risk of un-anticipated hacks is absolutely real.

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Future Space

Internet from Space?!

Deutsche Welle has a documentary on the rise of space-based internet service providers. Internet connectivity anywhere in the world would be sehr fantastisch! The digital revolution has radically changed the way we live and work. But more than three billion people are still offline. As with any infrastructure, fast data connections initially reach urban centers. […]

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How New Satellites Could Change the Internet

Wall Street Journal explores the future of satellite internet. The most reliable streaming providers have typically used cable to deliver content. But that’s all changing with the launch of new and better satellites that could one day give us 5G, low latency data. The Wall Street Journal speaks with the chief of the International Bureau […]

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