Sarah Dutkiewicz


Navigating Data in Azure Cosmos DB Gremlin API

The amazing Sarah Dutkiewicz presents to the CosmosDB meetup. Graph databases are great for exploring relationships and connections. Applications of graph databases include fraud detection, social networks, semantic search, managing IT networks, and recommendation engines. Azure Cosmos DB’s API for Gremlin allows you to work with graph data and query using Gremlin syntax. In this […]

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Data Driven Livestream

Livestream: 2021 is Here. Let’s Get to It!

Here’s a livestream I made this morning talking about one of the hardest work days of the year: the first Monday after the Holidays.

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Data Science

Talking Data Science with Sarah Dutkiewicz

In this LinkedIn Live session, I talk with Sarah Dutkiewicz about data science career paths, Jupyter, and two engineer families.

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