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Unleash the Power of AI: Runway Gen 3 Videos That Are Almost Too Real!

Nadim Explains how much better Runway Gen 3, and how it’s showcasing some of the most cinematic, stunning, and realistic AI videos that I’ve seen. Just take a look at these amazing examples. Runway Gen 3 comes packed with exciting new features. Not only can it generate videos twice as fast as its predecessor, but it […]

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Pika 1.0 – Insane AI Video Breakthrough!

This video is from David Ondrej. Today Pika Labs released Pika 1.0 – their state of the art AI video tool that can do text-to-video, image-to-video and even video-to-video!

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When AI Generated Videos Hit The Uncanny Valley

Text to video generation is at the stage of dall-e mini for text to image generation 2 years ago. We are about to see some really interesting development in the coming year. Text-to-video-synthesis Model in Open Domain (Shutterstock T2V) [Model Scope] [HuggingFace] [HuggingFace Demo] [Damo Lab Webiste] Runway Gen-2 Demo [Link] […]

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