Raspberry Pi

Why RISC-V isn’t killing Arm (yet)

This video is from Jeff Geerling. The Mars CM is neat. But is it an adequate replacement for the Raspberry Pi CM4? Links: Mars CM: https://milkv.io/mars-cm ARACE store: https://arace.tech/products/milk-v-mars-cm Mars CM test data: https://github.com/geerlingguy/sbc-reviews/issues/22 StarFive VisionFive 2 review: https://www.jeffgeerling.com/blog/2023/risc-v-business-testing-starfives-visionfive-2-sbc

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RISC-V 2023 Update: From Embedded Computing to Data Center & Desktop

ExplainingComputers‘ RISC-V annual update. Includes developments from NASA, Google, MIT, RISC-V International, Renesas, Espressif, Ventanna, Tenstorrent, Alibaba / T-Head, Ubuntu, StarFive, SiFive, Pine64, Sipeed and Intel.

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Hardware Open Source

RISC-V and the Future of Open-Source Computing at CES 2021

Engadget sat down with Calista Redmond from RISC-V International, Krste Asanović from SiFive, Ted Marena of Western Digital, and Art Swift from Esperanto Technologies to talk about RISC-V. This is an open-standard processor architecture that hopes to open up chip design to many companies from startups to major firms. RISC-V enables companies to design their […]

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