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Data And Insights CEO Reveals What Consumers Think Of Walmart And Target

CEO of HundredX Rob Pace explains what consumers think of Target and Walmart.

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NVIDIA AI Solutions for Efficient Supply Chain Operation

Supply chains have had a rough go of it the last two years. Check out how NVIDIA uses AI and simulation solutions to deliver better-than-ever efficiency and intelligence to the supply chain, ensuring retailers never miss a beat in meeting customers’ expectations.

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Databricks Machine Learning

Weekday Demand Sensing at Walmart

WalMart is one of the most data driven organizations on the planet. The SMART Forecasting team at Walmart Labs has built an innovative, cloud-agnostic, scalable platform to improve Walmart’s ability to predict customer demand while improving item in-stocks and reducing food waste. Over a period of two years, all of Walmart’s key departments in the […]

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Scaling AI At H&M

This session is a continuation of “Apply MLOps at Scale” at Data+AI Summit Europe 2020 and “Automated Production Ready ML at Scale” at Spark AI Summit at Europe 2019. In this session you will learn how H&M is continuing to evolve and develop their AI platform in order to democratize and accelerate AI usage across […]

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Interesting Robotics

How Many Robots Does it Take to Run a Grocery Store?

Tom Scott gets inside access to one of Ocado’s grocery warehouses, where thousands of mechanical boxes move on the Hive.

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AI Economics of AI

Harnessing Ai to Transform Data and Unlock Business Results

In this webinar, I was on a panel where we discussed the top 5 analytic challenges in the retail industry. We also dove into the many applications of data science that can be used to enhance retail companies and better understand the consumer.

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AI Data Databricks

Retail and CPG Industry Forum at the Data + AI Summit 2021

Join Databricks at the Retail & Consumer Goods Forum to participate in keynotes and panel discussions with thought leaders from some of the biggest global brands.

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Covid Pandemic Data Driven

Post-Pandemic Bookstore Visit, Data, and Sugared Up Kids

In this Data Point, Frank visits the new Barnes and Noble location in Rockville, MD which is the first store in the US to sport the book retailer’s new design. Oddly enough, it looks a lot like the Amazon brick and mortar bookstore just down the road in Bethesda. With less space and a revamped […]

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Data Driven Livestream Robotics

Data Driven Live: Robots, Data, and Retail

Andy Leonard and I recorded our second Data Driven show live on Linked In. This time, we talked about the “three Rs of the 2020s,” Robots, Retail, and Reskilling. Watch below or listen to the show on the Data Driven website.

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