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Playing with ZERO-DAY vulnerability “follina”

In this video NetworkChuck teamed up with John Hammond to talk about the NEW and SCARY Microsoft Vulnerability. NetworkChuck and John Hammond are going to teach you about a new dangerous Windows Zero-day vulnerability called “follina” and they are even going to show you how to test it out in your own Zero-day lab using […]

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Microsoft Security

Follina- MSDT Exploit- CVE2022-30190 Explained with Detection and Mitigation

Here is another explanation of Follina- MSDT Exploit which has been numbered as CVE2022-30190. I have tried to explain it from timeline, history, demo perspective, mitigation, detection strategies everything. The bug is a Microsoft Windows Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) remote code execution vulnerability reported by crazyman of the Shadow Chaser Group. Microsoft is now tracking […]

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