Real Time

Video Production

Unreal Engine Filmmaking & VFX

Film Riot dives into Unreal Engine with real time environments and vfx for filmmaking and indy projects. I just started learning unreal engine so these are just the basics of what I was able to manage for the time being while still creating a complete sequence. There is a lot of I have to learn […]

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Azure Data Factory Databricks

Build Real-Time Applications with Databricks Streaming

In this presentation, explore a recent use case on real time streaming with Databricks. In this use case we are working with a large, metropolitan fire department. Our company has already created a complete analytics architecture for the department based upon Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Delta Lake, Azure SQL and Azure SQL Server Analytics Services […]

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Big Data Data

How to Design and Implement a Real-time Data Lake with Dynamically Changing Schema

Building a curated data lake on real time data is an emerging data warehouse pattern with delta. However in the real world, what we many times face ourselves with is dynamically changing schemas which pose a big challenge to incorporate without downtimes. In this presentation we will present how we built a robust streaming ETL […]

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Containers Spark

Real-Time Health Score Application using Apache Spark on Kubernates

This on the Databricks YouTube channel presents the web application that calculates real-time health scores at a very rapid speed using Spark on Kubernates. A health score represents a machine’s lifetime and it is commonly used as a landmark for making a decision on whether to replace the machine with new one for high productivity […]

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Azure Developer

Real-time applications with Azure SignalR Service

Anthony Chu joins Donovan Brown to show how to deliver live updates from Azure Functions to web, mobile, and desktop apps with Azure SignalR Service. Learn how to send real-time messages over WebSockets from your serverless apps with a few lines of code. Related Links: Build real-time Apps with Azure Functions and Azure SignalR Service […]

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Data Data Driven

What is Real Time Data Mean Exactly?

In this Data Point, I talk about the nebulous buzzword of “real time” and why that’s not as clear cut as it may seem. And how, if you run fast enough, maybe you can see how real time “real time” is at Sams’ Club. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the […]

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Developer Javascript

Five Ways to Build Real-Time Apps with JavaScript

Burke is joined by Anthony Chu to discuss five different ways to build real-time applications with JavaScript. Also, Burke wears a wig to fulfill his hair dreams and Anthony crushes those dreams in real-time. Links: Anthony Chu on Twitter Long Polling blog SSE: Using server-sent events Web Sockets API SignalR at Azure SignalR Microsoft […]

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