Real Estate


Unusual Houses For Sale That People Refuse to Buy

This video from Kyle McGran highlights homes that no one will buy even in this housing market.

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Covid Pandemic Data Driven

If Remote Work Becomes Commonplace, What Happens to Real Estate in Big Cities?

SalesForce, Microsoft, and Twitter have all extended their work from home policies either indefinitely or for the remainder of the year. To say that housing is expensive in the Bay Area would be an understatement. Frank ponders what will happen to the real estate market if you only go to the office once or twice […]

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AWS Interesting

Inside Amazon’s Spheres, the Biodome Office in Seattle

While in Seattle a few weeks ago, I had the chance to see the Spheres for myself. Wall Street Journal explores the Spheres, Amazon’s giant biodomes in downtown Seattle, allow employees to escape the office to work and brainstorm surrounded by nature. Take a tour with NBBJ architect John Savo as he shows off the […]

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Blockchain Future

Blockchain Takes on Manhattan Real Estate

This 36.5 million dollar property has just been sliced into digital shares, and you could own a piece of it via blockchain. Could this be the future of real estate?

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