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How to Setup Your Own “XA-Miner” for Raspberry Pi 4

Here’s an interesting use for a Raspberry Pi 4 that may even bring in money. Time stamps: 00:00 Intro 01:58 Requirements 03:42 Hardware 04:11 Costs 06:30 Build the Pi 07:14 Flash MicroSD 09:09 Get your IP 09:38 Putty to your Pi 10:26 Setup the HDD 17:14 Install SCPrime 21:46 Sync Metadata 23:47 DuckDNS Setup 29:58 […]

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Web Scraping With Selenium And A Raspberry Pi – All You Need To Know

If you’ve been around Frank’s World long enough, you know I have a certain fondness for web scraping as a means to acquire data. But I’ve never thought of a Raspberry Pi as a means to get the job done cheaply. I need to spend more time with my Pi’s. The web and it’s websites are […]

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