Interesting Mathematics

Why You Will Never Think of a Truly Random Number

Thoughty2 explores the nature of randomness and why you will never think of a truly random number and computers won’t either.

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What are Random Boolean Networks

Random boolean networks also have some surprising properties. Computerphile demonstrates how complex systems can arise from simple rules. Dr Alex Turner generates some

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Harvesting Randomness, HAIbrid Algorithms and Safe AI with Dr. Siddhartha Sen

Microsoft Research has released this podcast on Harvesting Randomness, HAIbrid Algorithms and Safe AI. Dr. Siddhartha Sen is a Principal Researcher in MSR’s New York City lab, and his research interests are, if not impossible, at least impossible sounding: optimal decision making, universal data structures, and verifiably safe AI. Today, he tells us how he’s […]

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Data Science Mathematics

The Mathematics of Randomness

Randomness comes up quite a lot in statistics. Statistics comes up a lot in data science. Therefore, I think you will all enjoy this video from MajorPrep about the math around randomness.

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