quantum information

Quantum Computing

Where Do We Go Next with Quantum Computing?

QC40 was a one-day virtual event that celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Physics of Computation Conference, which was jointly organized by MIT and IBM and held in the Endicott House on the MIT campus in 1981. We consider this conference a defining moment in the history of quantum computation. At QC40, we looked at […]

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Quantum Computing Security

What is Quantum Cryptography?

In this video, Sabine Hossenfelder explains how public key cryptography works on the internet today, using RSA as example, what the risk is that quantum computers pose for internet security, what post-quantum cryptography is, how quantum key distribution works, and what quantum cryptography is. Video contents: 0:00 Intro 0:31 Public Key Cryptography 2:43 Risk posed […]

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