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Java Developer Productivity on Windows

Explore new ways to setup your Windows dev environment MUCH more quickly and easily than before. Along the way we’ll learn about a bunch of new and exciting productivity-boosting features and technologies that will enable you to write and build your Java code for Windows and Linux – side by side, in harmony.       Related Links: […]

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Career Interesting

Elon Musk’s Two Rules For Learning Anything Faster

Elon Musk’s rise to fame and fortune is an epic tale of what’s possible when you devote yourself to continual learning. The Art of Improvement  examines his secrets to learning.

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Interesting Life Hacks

Getting Big Things Done Using Smaller Moments: Microproductivity

This Microsoft Research video covers a new research area is focusing on “microproductivity,” breaking larger tasks down into manageable components conducive to small moments throughout the day. From the video description: In this breakout session, we bring together experts from academia and the product side to share their vision of a future where traditional tasks […]

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