AI Livestream

Unlocking Potential: Marketing Brilliance in a Neurodiverse World

In my latest live stream, Candace Gillhoolley joins me as we dive deep into the convergence of technology and marketing, the transformative influence of data, and the often-overlooked potential of neurodiverse individuals in this evolving landscape. Candace, a seasoned marketer with extensive experience in publishing and technology, shares insights about her new LinkedIn newsletter, “Tech […]

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Privacy Site Updates

Rethinking the Reliance on YouTube: A Strategic Shift for

In the constantly shifting landscape of digital content creation, we’ve witnessed monumental shifts that compel us to reassess our strategies and platforms of choice. For years, YouTube has stood as a cornerstone for content creators worldwide, offering a vast stage for sharing knowledge, insights, and creativity. However, recent developments have prompted me to seriously reconsider […]

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Computer Vision Ethics

First Look at the AI Camera Systems at CES

Katherine Bindley of the Wall Street Journal is at CES to take a look at the latest AI-infused cameras on the market. Two new smart systems use cameras, artificial intelligence and an assortment of sensors to keep watch over you—Patscan looks for threats in public spaces, while Eyeris monitors the driver and passengers in a […]

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