2021 Tech Trends & Predictions for Developers

It’s that time of year when everyone ponders what lies ahead in the New Year. Fireship explores the trends that will influence technology and makes predictions on the year for developers.

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Neural Networks

Neural Networks and Linear Regression

On Friday, someone asked me about linear regression with neural networks.  I didn’t have a good answer – I knew that you *could* do linear regression but neural networks, but never had actually done it in practice. Promising to learn more, I came across this video by giant_neural_network on YouTube.

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Top 5 data science and strategy predictions for 2020
AI Data Science

Top 5 Data Science and Strategy Predictions for 2020

Clearly, we are now in the age of data and it’s important to consider what’s next. Research from Gartner shows that more than half of businesses (54%) want to use data and analytics to improve process efficiency within their strategy, with enhancing customer experience and new product development tied in second place (cited by 31% […]

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