April Dunnam highlights how you can run a flow from Power BI directly with the brand new Power Automate visual for Power BI.

This new visual creates an “On Power BI button click” trigger for Power Automate that we can use to create instant flows in Power Automate that are triggered from a button click in Power BI.

In this video I walk through a demo showing how you can take tabular data from a Power BI report and send a notification to a Channel in Microsoft Teams that includes that tabular data using the integrated Power BI data in tabular form dynamic content property. This is even smart enough to account for if you have filters applied in your Power BI data!

One of the most compelling visuals we’ve seen from the marketing buzz around Azure Purview is that end-to-end picture of source data moving through data processing, all the way into a Power BI dashboard.

In this video, Simon from Advancing Analytics  takes a dive into associating Power BI with your Azure Purview account, looking at the different gotchas and settings you’ll need to know to get started, before taking a quick tour of some of the new datasource types and how things currently look.

The Power BI announcement blog can be found here https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/use-power-bi-with-azure-purview-to-achieve-better-data-governance-and-discovery/