Why Postgres Is So Popular?

Ever wondered why Postgresql is all the rage right now. I know I do. In this video, James Vance gets into some reasons why “That Postgres Is So Hot Right Now”. 

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Azure Data

Introducing Flexible Server in Azure Database for PostgreSQL & MySQL

Sunil Kamath joins Scott Hanselman to discuss how you can run your MySQL or Postgres database as a managed database on Azure without giving up the control you want while taking advantage of the benefits of a PaaS offering. Related Links: What is Flexible Server in Azure Database for PostgreSQL What is Flexible Server in […]

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Azure Containers FinTech

Banking in Latin America: High availability in Azure Kubernetes Service | Part 3

In this third part episode, Roberto Cervantes walks through the different considerations customers must think through when designing a highly available application built on the Azure Kubernetes Service.   Watch Part 1 / Watch Part 2 Learn more:

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