Privacy Security

FCC fines wireless carriers $200 million for sharing user location data!

Tom and Kevin from Shared Security discuss two major cybersecurity and privacy news stories. The first topic covers the FCC issuing fines to major US wireless carriers for sharing users’ real-time location data, totaling nearly $200 million. They express surprise and skepticism over the carriers’ actions and deliberate on whether the fines would be impactful […]

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The Great Privacy Awakening

This video is from Jack Rhysider. This is not a drill, but a dire call to action. Your privacy is worth rebelling over. Corporations and governments are greedily stripping away our digital privacy. It’s not just about data; it’s about power, control, and our fundamental rights. It’s time to say ‘No More’ to data breaches, […]

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Your Social Accounts Are Never Safe, Even If You Use Great Passwords🎙Ep. 86 The LinkedIn Incident

This video is from Jack Rhysider. In 2012, LinkedIn was the target of a massive data breach. A hacker got in and stole millions of user details. But this wasn’t because of weak user passwords or bad security practices. It all came down to one LinkedIn engineer’s crucial mistake. Visit https://darknetdiaries.com/episode/86 for a list of […]

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Interesting Security

What is PsyOps? Darknet Diaries Explores

This video is from Jack Rhysider. PSYOPs, or “Psychological Operations” are happening all around us, 24/7. Sometimes they’re used in warfare against foreign enemies, and sometimes we know them by different names: Marketing, PR, spin, and propaganda. This is the story about information being weaponized for good and shady ends.

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