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AI Data Driven

A Data Driven Retrospective: A Look Back Across Seven Seasons and 360 Episodes

In today’s installment of Data Driven, we’re embarking on a retrospective journey that transcends mere numbers and analytics. We aim to explore the very culture that our podcast has cultivated, seen through the prism of data, while reminiscing about those times our episodes resonated deeply with the vibrant pulse of our dedicated listeners. We’ll revisit […]

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AI Large Language Models Natural Language Processing

What is GPT4 and How You Can Use OpenAI GPT 4

Adrian Twarog explores GPT4 and how it can everything? How it is different from GPT3 and is AI future… (and I think it’s smarter than me). In this video I’ll cover exactly what the new GPT 4 model is.

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AI Generative AI

OpenAI DALL·E: Fighter Jet For The Mind!

Two Minute Papers examines the research behind the  blog post on “DALL·E: Creating Images from Text.”

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