OpenAI Codex

AI Natural Language Processing

OpenAI Codex: Just Say What You Want! πŸ€–

Two Minutes Papers examines the paper “Evaluating Large Language Models Trained on Code” in the following video.

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AI Economics of AI Generative AI

The Future Of Machine Learning And Programming

Codex can program in 11 different languages with Python being it’s strongest. Is codex going to replace software developers? Codex is a machine learning based system which is able to transform natural language text into code. Codex is borne out of GPT-3 which was also created by OpenAI. When the team at OpenAI realized that […]

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Generative AI

First look at OpenAI Codex

In this video, Ania Kubow shares her insights into OpenAI Codex beta version, and how she built an entire website using only 152 spoken words.

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