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AI Large Language Models

How to Compare Multiple Large PDF Files Using AI (w/ Jerry Liu, Co-Founder of LlamaIndex)

In this video from Chat with data, you’ll learn how to ask complex questions and compare valuable information across multiple large pdf documents using LlamaIndex. LlamaIndex is a data framework for LLM applications to ingest, structure, and access private or domain-specific data. Jerry Liu, Co-Founder of LlamaIndex, covers the use case of two financial 10-k […]

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OpenAI Embeddings and Vector Databases Crash Course

This video is from Adrian Twarog. Embeddings and Vectors are a great way of storing and retrieving information for use with AI services. OpenAI provides a great embedding API to do this. Postman lets you make these with easy at (today’s sponsor) In this video we will explore how to create a Vector Database […]

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AI Large Language Models Security

Accidental LLM Backdoor – Prompt Tricks

In this video LiveOverflow explores various prompt tricks to manipulate the AI to respond in ways we want, even when the system instructions want something else. This can help us better understand the limitations of LLMs.

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How Everyone Upgrades Google Sheets with ChatGPT

Goda Go provides 4 Simple (no-coding) Steps to Upgrade Google Sheets with ChatGPT API Key.

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Large Language Models Security

What is Prompt Injection?

This video is from LiveOverflow. How will the easy access to powerful APIs like GPT-4 affect the future of IT security? Keep in mind LLMs are new to this world and things will change fast. But I don’t want to fall behind, so let’s start exploring some thoughts on the security of LLMs.

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