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Major GPT 4.5 Possible Leak, Midjourney V6, Opensource LLMs BEAT Open AI

You step away from the computer/phone/matrix for a little bit and then some big AI news hits. This video from MattVidPro AI catches you up. In this video, we dive into the latest AI updates, focusing on a potential leak about OpenAI’s GPT 4.5, its features, and pricing. We also explore Google’s AI advancements in […]

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How to Boost Productivity using Generative AI

This video is from Paying it Forward where he shares tips on how to use generative AI to be more productive.

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ChatGPT + Blender Will BLOW Your Mind!

Jake In Motion shows you how using ChatGPT will help you get more out of Blender. And besides just learning Blender, ChatGPT also helped me create two Add-ons that make lighting scenes SO much easier! I now have a Target Light option in my lights menu and a Cyc Wall object in the Mesh menu. […]

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Uncovering Sam Altman’s Q*: OpenAI Updates, Elon Musk’s AGI Prediction & Synthetic Data Predictions

In this video, Matthew Berman goes over a few stories that turn out to be all related. Sam Altman confirms Q is real, he’s also back at OpenAI, Elon Musk calls OpenAI liars and predicts AGI within 3 years, and synthetic data is all the rage.

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The Sudden Collapse Of Open AI

Another summary video around the drama unfolding after Open AI fired their CEO Sam Altman in one of the biggest ever cases of corporate self destruction. This video is from Sasha Yanshin. In the next few hours a lot of open AI staff left the company, they asked Sam to come back, and appointed 2 […]

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Chat With PDF, TXT, and CSV Privately! (FULLY Local) How To Install PrivateGPT UPDATED

In this video, Matthew Berman shows you how to install and use the new and improved PrivateGPT. Chat with your docs (txt, pdf, csv, xlsx, html, docx, pptx, etc) easily, in minutes, completely locally using open-source models. This is an update from a previous video from a few months ago.

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