Learn how to develop real-world Internet of Things solutions built with Microsoft Azure services from experts from around the world.

In this single-day event, we will cover topics ranging from IoT device connectivity, IoT data communication strategies, use of artificial intelligence at the edge, data processing considerations for IoT data, and IoT solutions based on the Azure IoT reference architecture. At the end of this event, you will have the knowledge to begin your journey to become a certified Azure IoT Developer!

Azure Defender for IoT is an agentless security solution for Operational Technology (OT) networks incorporating specialized IoT/OT-aware behavioral analytics from Microsoft’s recent acquisition of CyberX.

The new solution enables industrial and critical infrastructure organizations to secure their existing or brownfield devices without any performance impact or changes to existing environments. It’s also deeply integrated with Azure Sentinel and supports 3rd-party tools such as Splunk, IBM QRadar, and ServiceNow.

Learn more about Azure Defender for IoT at https://aka.ms/iotshow/AzureDefenderForIoT

Have you ever wondered how to build a workplace health & safety solution end-to-end?

Teo De Las Heras from the Azure IoT team joins us to demo and explain the architecture of such as solution built on Azure with IoT services.

Not only will you see the solution at work but you will also learn where you can find the entire solution for you to deploy on your own Azure subscription and use as a demo, or even as the starting point for your own solution.

Check it out on GitHub at https://aka.ms/iotshow/workplacesafety

Azure IoT Plug and Play is now natively supported in IoT Central. Solution builders can develop end-to-end IoT solutions using IoT Central and PnP ready devices with zero code.

This drastically reduces development and deployment costs and overall time to market. ISVs and partners building Line of Business (LOB) applications can rapidly accelerate development by using ready-to-use Plug and Play devices from a wide selection of devices from the Plug and Play certified catalog.

Cellular connectivity for IoT devices and equipment can be transformative for customers, especially when connecting legacy investments. It’s important to understand the options available and the security strategy that goes with them.

Nicholas Chen joins Olivier on the IoT Show to discuss how Azure Sphere allows for secure connection of IoT devices over cellular and what developers should pay attention to.

To learn more about Azure Sphere Cellular Connectivity, visit https://aka.ms/iotshow/azurespherecellular

    74% of IoT deployments slow down or stall completely as users grapple with the complexity of provisioning and managing their edge hardware at scale.

    Learn how the integration of ZEDEDA’s IoT Edge orchestration solution with Azure IoT makes it possible to fast track and scale your entire project.

    Features include one-click bulk provisioning, full lifecycle management of hardware, the Azure IoT Edge runtime, Azure IoT modules and any other installed apps, security enhancements like distributed firewall and concurrent support for legacy apps deployed in Windows VMs.

    Check out Zededa Edge Quick Connect on the Azure Marketplace at https://aka.ms/iotshow/ZededaEdgeQuickConnect

    You can now connect existing sensors to Azure with little to no-code using IoT Plug and Play bridge!

    For developers who are building IoT solutions with existing hardware attached to a Linux or Windows gateway, the IoT Plug and Play bridge provides you an easy way to connect these devices to IoT Plug and Play compatible services.

    Check out the GitHub repo for IoT Plug and Play bridge at https://aka.ms/IoTPlugAndPlayBridge

    There are changes coming to the Azure IoT TLS certificates that may require updates to your IoT device firmware.

    In this episode of the IoT show, learn the basics of TLS, the current Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for Azure IoT generally, and IoT Hub and DPS specifically before detailing upcoming immediate changes to this PKI, and the future of PKI for Azure IoT.

    Learn more at https://aka.ms/iotshow/iot-ca-updates

    Covid-19 is a reminder of how interconnected humanity is globally.

    How can technology create safer working conditions during the pandemic?

    Technology plays a significant role in our interconnected world to elevate human security for all, across countries and cultures. In the world of the Internet of Things, we have ability to transform analog and digital feeds, reason over data and respond immediately. As the world progresses along the path of the immediate response, the recovery and rebuilding our customers today are implementing safer environments.

    In this video, will learn about solutions developed by Microsoft’s partners.

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